Hi! I'm Patricia and you can learn a bit more about me in the very first episode. I'm a Brit with Sotho DNA. 

I love to travel and have been doing the expat thing for about 10 years now. 

Over the past decade I have learnt that I should have done some groundwork to prepare me for the highs and lows of moving to new places, it is a fantastic way to live but it can also be incredibly lonely. 

After our 3rd move, I began to feel a little lost, I couldn't work and was unsure that my skills were still relevant. I saw an article on the BBC about working online and decided I had nothing to lose and slowly built up to being a VA. 

I wasn't a great VA!!!  

I took loads of online courses (some of them are still not completed) I got coaching but never really moved forward, I tried a lot of things and failed at a lot of things but kept moving forward. 

In this time I learnt a lot about myself, what I need and my relationship its flux and flow. 



Fast forward a few years and I have a growing online business and this podcast/platform. 

Being an expat can be exciting and lonely so I've decided to join other expat podcasters in creating a community where we can talk about the ups and downs and how to create a business in different countries if that is what you feel you need to thrive. 

So I realised my needs for a new location are a coffee shop where I can take my laptop. 

A city that is walkable

Some sort of regular transport - my tip in most places is travel like a local!! 

A dog-friendly place. 


What do you need in a city to thrive?  

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